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E & J Geothermal, Inc.

E & J Geothermal, Inc./files//ej_geo-logo.png$319-519-0261400 East Main Street, SOLON IA
E & J Geothermal, Inc./files//ej_geo-logo.png319-519-0261$400 East Main Street, SOLON IA starstarstarstarstar 4.8 / 5 | 171 Total Reviews

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E & J Geothermal, Inc./files//ej_geo-logo.png$400 East Main Street, SOLON IA 319-519-0261"We hired E & J Electric to run an electrical line from our home to our pool in order to allow us to run the pump. They did what we asked for however our bill ended up being triple what we were quoted. The job was supposed to take 1-2 hours and it took 7. While I understand that sometimes things do not go as planned, I would have appreciated a heads up. I do not feel this is too much to ask. The sole purpose of getting a quote is to know how much you will be spending. We got nothing. When I called to question why the bill was so high, I was told "that's what happens". Very frustrated and disappointed. Our family has done business with them for years and I just expected more. "
from Iowa City, IA on August 9th, 2019
5 (2 / 5)
"Ensuring that we maintain clear and consistent communication with our clients is always our top priority – we are very sorry that we fell short. Since our last visit to your home, we have worked on improving our practices to ensure that our customers are always kept in the loop regarding our findings and are aware of the additional charges associated ahead of time. We hope to have another chance to provide you the quality customer service that you deserve and have experienced with us in the past. -Bill L."
- E & J Geothermal, Inc.
E & J Geothermal, Inc./files//ej_geo-logo.png$400 East Main Street, SOLON IA 319-519-0261"It took four months to get the job finished and another two months to get the tax information. The unit is fine now. Had a rattle for four months. Customer service is not a strong suit for this company."
from Mount Vernon, IA on May 13th, 2015
5 (2 / 5)
E & J Geothermal, Inc./files//ej_geo-logo.png$400 East Main Street, SOLON IA 319-519-0261"I give a bad rating because of the Bosch unit itself. E&J have been great about coming out and fixing the issues, or at least trying to fix it. But thats the problem! They are "fixing" something that is brand new! We built a new house in July of 2014. Having previously had a Water Furnace brand geo unit in our prior home, I was familiar with how they opperated. We spent about $21000 on our Bosch unit with E&J and we have had nothing but problems. This winter E&J were at our house literally once a month because the emergency heat would be on. Every time they came out, all they could say was that a fitting had cracked and leaked water all over our basement. This litreally happened in Nov, Dec, Jan, and Feb. The worst part is every time the emergency heat kicks on your bill sky rockets! We actually had a $330 power bill!!! In my old house our most expensive bill ever was $172. Once again, I will say that E&J have been great about coming out and addressing the problem, most of the time the same day. But it is the least they could do after selling us this lemon. I'll never buy Bosch again!"
from Muscatine, IA on May 13th, 2015
5 (2 / 5)