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G9MXT Two Stage Variable Speed Gas Furnace

Two-stage redundant gas valve and two-speed induced draft blower adjust to higher or lower settings when more or less heat is needed. Heated air is delivered by an efficient ECM blower motor. This model is also compatible with two-stage cooling. Advanced dehumidification capability can reduce additional moisture in the air when paired with an air conditioner or heat pump and a humidity-sensing thermostat.

  • Xtra SEER ECM blower motor
  • Supports single- and two-stage cooling units
  • Dehumidification feature in cooling
  • Certified 2% or less leakage of nominal air conditioning CFM delivered when pressurized to 1­inch water column
  • Stainless steel secondary heat exchanger
  • High-quality, corrosion-resistant, one-piece steel cabinet
  • Operates at quieter, lower heating rates
  • Two−speed induced draft combustion blower
  • Insulated steel cabinet
  • Direct vent (2-pipe), single-pipe venting, or ventilated combustion air
  • Four position − upflow/downflow/horizontal (left/right) installation
  • Self diagnostics with super bright LED
MODELConfigurationInput MBtuHOutput MBtuHAFUECFMDimensions
G9MXT0401410A 40.0 38.4 96.0 385 35x14.2x29.5 125
G9MXT0401712A 40.0 38.4 96.0 330 35x17.5x29.5 135
G9MXT0601412A 60.0 57.3 95.5 620 35x14.2x29.5 136
G9MXT0601714A 60.0 57.6 96.0 530 35x17.5x29.5 146
G9MXT0801716A 80.0 76.8 96.0 920 35x17.5x29.5 156
G9MXT0802120A 80.0 76.8 96.0 795 35x21x29.5 161
G9MXT1002120A 100.0 96.0 96.0 1105 35x21x29.5 171
G9MXT1202422A 120.0 115.2 96.0 1215 35x24.5x29.5 195

Warranty Information

  • for 60 months - No Hassle Replacement Warranty
  • All Parts for 120 months -
  • Heat Exchanger - Limited Lifetime

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