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TM9M 97% Modulating Gas Furnace

When it's cold outside' everyone wants to relax in a home that's warm and welcoming. That's why we created LX Series Gas Furnaces' so you can take it easy when it comes to all the things you want out of a home heating system. Things like dependable performance' energy efficiency and operating economy. As a result' there’s no reason to feel left out in the cold. And because it's built by York — the industry leader in innovative design — you know your system won't be down when you want some downtime.

  • 98% AFUE efficiency lowers fuel cost and consumption.
  • Modulating design continuously adjusts heating level by .65% increments (100 step increments) to match the degree of comfort you need precisely.
  • Compact 33-inch height and standard cabinet widths fit more comfort into less space.
  • Multiple configurations easily applied in upflow' horizontal left or right' or downflow installation with minimal conversion necessary.
  • Built-in' high level self diagnostics with fault code display.
MODELConfigurationInput MBtuHOutput MBtuHAFUECFMDimensions
TM9M060B12MPUp, Hor., Down 60.0 58.0 97.0 1200 33x17.5x29.5 122
TM9M080B12MPUp, Hor., Down 80.0 77.0 97.0 1200 33x17.5x29.5 126
TM9M080C16MPUp, Hor., Down 80.0 78.0 97.0 1600 33x21x29.5 136
TM9M100C16MPUp, Hor., Down 100.0 97.0 97.0 1600 33x21x29.5 142
TM9M100C20MPUp, Hor., Down 100.0 97.0 97.0 2000 33x21x29.5 145
TM9M120D20MPUp, Hor., Down 120.0 116.0 97.0 2000 33x24.5x29.5 156

Warranty Information

  • All Parts for 120 months - Limited 10 Year Parts With Prompt Online Registration
  • Heat Exchanger - Limited Lifetime With Prompt Online Registration

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